Just 4 her
Just 4 her
Memories is all I've got
Just 4 her

March 21, 1984
70 West 39th Street
Hard to believe it's been twenty years.
I remember.

Memories of 1985 - Kim

It was a night of wintry spells,
the moon screamed, the cats’d hide,
the grass squashed, the toll of bells,
an eerie scent of evil nights.

Mysterious eyes, furtive smiles,
you hair styled in long-short bangs.
I’d crawl for you a hundred miles
if you’d just let me hold your hands.

I closed my eyes as you got near;
you winked at me, I never thought
a goddess would before me appear,
you touched my hands to calm me down.

I ran a fever, I sniffed and coughed.
I sweated and trembled, I was in fear,
I even fell down like a clown.

The morning came, you disappeared,
you threw me away akin a toss,
I loved you so, my succubus.

Madrid, Spain



For Taureen,

Love they say, is not within you,
that you are not capable to love;
that your appearance of a dove
is just appearance, that we are through.

Those that know you tell me it’s useless
to hope you will come back to me.
They call me dumb, retarded, clueless,
that I can’t see what they all see.

I think they are wrong, I know you better,
I felt your touch, your warmth, your lips.
I won’t believe that now you rather

kiss someone else while I just grieve.
I’ll just sit and wait for you.
I know you’ll change and come for me.


If you see this, I would like to know if you ever remember me